Bikes have become very technical over time. When a bicycle needs to be constructed or out of commission, making sure it will work properly requires making sure everything is in ship shape. There's no "one-size-fits-all" tool that applies to every single bike. There are too many of them out there for that to be possible. Getting either the fix or the construction right depends on the model and the make. Bikes have plenty of models and makes.

With all the advances in biking, it's clear that you need to approach fixing or building it wisely. To do that, you need the right professionals with the right materials that know how to use them to fix it up. The best mechanics for this are the ones who have seen it all. When it comes to fractured bikes and bikes that have yet to be put together, our own Oscar is the guy you're looking for. Even with all the technological progress bikes have made, he will make sure you get the ideal bike no matter the situation.

What makes pros like Oscar the go-to guy for something like this is that he always knows the best course of action. He will always know what is best for you and your bike. He's a pro's pro!